Site Revamping

Just started actually adding graphics to my site. working on a blender page. The photo pages are slow to load because of high quality JPGs. comments and crits wanted. My real goal is to set up a flash site but i have no idea where to start


I can’t hang in there long enough to wait for things to load. Way to slow. Sorry.

JPEG images shouldn’t take so long no matter how high quality. You should go for a didcated fast server to host the images, such as ImageShack or Flickr(my fav), and then just have the HTML pages on your slow server.

thanks for the tip. the reason it was slow was that i had a internet hogging app running. should be better now.

it’s still very slow, haven’t seen any of you images yet :wink:

on image page or on the site itself?

the image page, you might want to use thumbnales and when you click on it you can view it bigger. (like i did)

I agree with the slow loading images issue. If you visit my site you will see that all of the layout graphics are quite small and quick to load. This is important and I always try to make sure they stay that way. People on slow modems don’t have time to wait. So I would reccomend doing what you can to make the images as small as possible. Try Photoshop’s “Save for Web” feature.

I like the color scheme though. Keep it up.