Site temporarily unavailable

When I click New Posts I get this error
Site temporarily unavailable.

Connection timed out - please try again.

When I see forum by sub topics, there is no problem

Same when trying to use any of the search tools.

It did the same on [find all started threads] or [find all posts]:mad:
I was about to post this exact same thing!:eek:
I wonder if the cg cookie people are working on it or something.:confused:

But why not keep the old one until the new one is done if that IS the case!?

Hey guys,

Thank you for letting us know. Looking into it now.

Update: Online with Rackspace support to see if they are having any issues…

Update: Rackspace confirmed they are not seeing any issues, though working to knock on our developers door to see if he can check it out further. Apologize for the trouble and will update more here when I have it.

Update: Still not sure what is causing the site errors, but continuing to dig around. Developer should be online in a bit as well to fully assist under the hood.

Thanks wesburke!

P.S. How would you solve a problem like this anyway? its really cool!

its not cool, its really annoying! but i’m glad the team are on it and trying to get to the bottom of the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for continuing to hang with us. Unfortunately still haven’t been able to squash this one. I am going to hop on with Rackspace one more time to triple check it isn’t something on their end, though strange it is only affecting search and todays post. Plot thickens and need some sleep. :wink: Back at it fresh first thing in the a.m.

Seems strange that the connection times out after all of about 10ms. Perhaps the error message doesn’t reflect the real problem.

Maybe search SQL statement take too much resources now (changed hadrware, focused DDOS to Rackspace database, etc) and some watchdog shoot any SQL request that exceed some threshold. Anyway, very suspicious after story with

@storm_st - thanks for the tips and if you are really familiar with Mysql and Vbulletin feel free to e-mail directly at [email protected]. Talked with rackspace at length and they assured all is secure and no funny business. Grabbing coffee and back to it. :wink:

Hi, search doesn’t work.
Site temporarily unavailable.

Connection timed out - please try again.

gee thanks for that input, maybe we should start a thread on this

You’ve likely thought of this, but it sounds most likely that it’s a database or database access problem.

It also looks like the search database is on a separate server from the site itself. If that’s the case, it has to be:

  • cabling/routing
  • share/smb/nfs configuration changed (depending on OS)
  • file permissions on db

The most likely scenario is that whoever is checking things out on behalf of your hosting provider is missing something… for whatever reason. And for whatever other reason, the person reporting to you is unaware of the true nature of the problem, or isn’t being 100% forthcoming with you.

@rontarrant - thank you for the notes and with our developer stumped, Rackspace saying all is well. If you are able to e-mail me directly @ [email protected] We are using for BA, so I am starting to wonder if that is a place to dig spy glass into.

Aren’t “All started threads” and “New Posts” searches? Maybe thats why they don’t work!

@polygon studios - yes they are both searches. That is why they are related, though not sure why they don’t work.

Looks like “vBulletin 4.1.1” is running here. The most recent version of “vBulletin 4” is “vBulletin 4.2”, released at Tue 22nd May '2012 :

Maybe you should update the forum software to v4.2. :slight_smile:

I think the php file “search.php” related to the on the server installed PHP-Version might cause the problem.
“New Posts”, “Today’s Posts”, the regular and also the advanced “Forum Search” are connected to the file “search.php”.

“New Posts”

“Today’s Posts”

“Forum Search”

I also read about a similar problem in a german vBulletin-Forum. Someone wrote about a problem after the webspace-provider has updated PHP from v5.2 to v5.3. The german vBulletin-Team has recommended to upgrade to at least vBulletin 4.1.5.
This problem with PHP 5.3.x is fixed in vBulletin 4.1.5.

Google-Translation (german to english) of that thread in the german vBulletin-Forum:

Original link to that thread in the german vBulletin-Forum (german):äge-anzeigen-plötzlich-ohne-Funktion?

You should ask the webspace provider of the BlenderArtists-Forum (I guess, maybe they’ve updated PHP too.