Site update, bunny available

I have updated my site a bit, it is still not up to date as far as design is concerned, but at least all the files I got requests for are now available.
There is a fur example DivX, but the link does not work, maybe stormpages does not even allow linking from the page itself for these filetypes, I don’t know…
There is now also a python page with the Lightflow export script, noisemodule, and extension programming examples.
All available from:

(Yes I know, the bunny only has one eye, it suffered a bit from my experiments…)

Thanks… I understand how it works now… but I still don’t get it… a simple duplicated mesh with a transparent material or noise?

I don’t understand how you made the ‘long’ hair strands move so fluid on the cube animation??? This is what I don’t get… the long hairs???

I must say… I think this is fabulous… the concept alone if f’kn out there… great job on the .blend file… I’ll be picking it apart for a week!!!

Thanks again…


Not again… I think my computer has some sort of grudge against me. It’ll never let me download anything I need to download. Could you possibly e-mail me the blend file with your fur script when you get a bit of free time? My e-mail is [email protected]. I’d be forever in your debt. Thanks


SysAdm: You mean you could view the DivX? That’s weird, I mean it’s there, but I can’t seem to get it to work from the link, not even by using ‘Save target as…’
Maybe I’ll have to make it a zipfile…

Goo: What happens? It doesn’t download (slow?) or do you get an error when clicking on the links?
I’ll send you the file anyway…

Hi eeshlo – cool stuff!

I had no problems viewing the divX either
(using mplayer under linux).


Great work. I looked at the original research, too. This is superb. I’m going to try putting it on a cat and moving it around. Yes!

I’m going to see if I can get a color pattern to come up within the fur.

Yeah, you are too cool. I have been trying to get furry results on my bears for months. I just downloaded your zip so I could check it out.


Thanks a lot. It seemed to be saying that it couldn’t connect to the download link. I don’t know why though… It looks like a really cool script, altough I can see it’s going to take a lot of tweaking and practice to really get the hang of it. I have no idea how you managed to get it so realistic on your rabbit.


That’s what all we always needed ! Thanx Esshlo !


Where is the bunny? I am blind or what?..

ARGHH. Not again :wink: Just found it…


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After months of trying, I can finally say:

Fuzzy bears!Fuzzy bears!Fuzzy bears!Fuzzy bears!Fuzzy bears!Fuzzy bears!Fuzzy bears!
I got fuzzy bears!!!

eeshlo you rule!