Site update (for theeth) :-)

(malefico) #1

Well, I hope theeth’s eyes are OK now. Some minor design changes + eyecandy. No more “twisting eyes” fx, almost.

Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: .

Once again, thanks acasto !

(Timonides) #2

The site is o.k. and it surely loads faster than the last time I visited… :smiley:

Great work malefico!!!

I really enjoy it, every time you write a new tut!!!

Keep blending…


(theeth) #3

woohoo, an update just for me :wink:

I really love the navigation widget, it reminded me a little of Zycho’s site ( ). I like how you integrated the blender webring navigation.

cool site, lots of content :slight_smile:

PS: darn, that reminds me. I really need to put a site together someday.

(ben999995) #4

ummm it took a while for the navigation to load and i am on adsl. The naviagtion was ok but it would be better if you had the text on the buttons so you didn’t have to go over each one.

(basse) #5

wow… heh. I like the style. navigation-thingy looks like those weird mediaplayers… heh… and your pictures of course… most I liked “Dawn at Urbicanda” and the orbis tertius -stuff… I hope to see the game someday.

some crits/ideas… maybe your navigation device could use some anti-aliased edges, or blurring or shadow or something… ? also, there is quite a lot of empty room on top of the page, maybe logotext there… or something else… “newest picture” banner… I dont know… oh, and on news section, your background inside the frame, it gets repeated. :slight_smile:

just some thoughts.


(malefico) #6

oh, and on news section, your background inside the frame, it gets repeated

Damn. Only IE supports “fixed” backgrounds, in my linux box however I don’t get it repeated because of font size. Would you tell me what system/navigator are you using ? Just out of curiosity, I don’t think I can do more about it :frowning:
I’ve read that CSS2 manage this stuff well, but I don’t know what browsers support it. Any idea ?

About the navigation bar, it is there since a lot of time ! (looks like you guys went straight to the tutorials in the past :smiley: ),

ben99999: yes, sometimes is slow, sometimes is ok. About the text on the buttons, I don’t know, maybe next version.

Thanx all for comments and clever suggestions !


(ben999995) #7

heh it still looks cool :slight_smile: