Site Upgrade: CDN Active

Hey guys,

We are happy to announce that parts of BA are now being served from a CDN network.

We are using to help us keep the site loading quickly. A quick explanation is: If you were in France, then instead of the images being served from the servers in the states, it would be served from a server in France.

A quick test to see how this is working, if you right click on most images and view the URL it is being served from you will see a different URL in there. :slight_smile:

In the end this is intended to help serve the media and files efficiently to you from BA and reduce server load.

If you happen to see any bugs with this please let us know at [email protected]. If you think it is CDN related and to help us troubleshoot please visit: and let us know what it says, along with a traceroute to BA would be huge.

Thank you again for hanging with us on the site and look forward to the next upgrade!