Site with popular (expensive) software alternatives!

At you can get a fairly long list, and because I haven’t seen it before, maybe lots of elYsiun users haven’t either. I found some software (qcad and maxima) that is what I’ve been looking for for a long time. You can get lots of great open source alternatives to programs. If you have anything to add, do so so we (alright, they) can have a great list. Let me know what you think!

P. S. I came across this site while I was looking for an open source or free for ever (no shareware) free-roaming game. I love Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and was looking for a game somewhat like that where you can run around and do what you please, but for free. If anyone know’s of such a thing, let me know!

Notice that Blender is the first open source alternative on the list! Go Blender! Woo Hoo! Yeah!

Thanks great site.

Nice list bro, thanx for sharing…

Superb find!


I think this one is quite useful as well. :smiley:

Maccam912, take a look at the games link at the top of that page. Maybe you’ll find something there.

Whiteboy I think your addition is pretty sweet. We should have a compilation of open source software lists, like what we have now, and (if you don’t mind me being humble) making this a sticky. Like in the game engine forum there is a list of websites with game engine examples, and in the contest forums there is a sticky with info on where to get sound effects, music, software for the animations, etc. It would be nice to have one here!

Admins=> what do you think?

I added makehuman, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

Also added Freenet.

If this editable I’ll go in and remove all the stupid entries that have no matches. Like the Linux Terminal Server Project doesn’t belong under “dreamweaver” or webmin doesn’t belong under “Active Directory”.