Hey check out my site and please signh the guestbook and register in the forum:D
the site is in my signiture but if that for some reason dosnt work here ---->

lol why does every 1 start a bootleg company… id love to see one of these bootlegs get sued because they use some real companies trademarks or something… sued for misrepresentation or somethin like that lol

what choo talkin bout, willis?

I didnt setup the content i just setup the account .

the only things i setup were the forum and the gallary.:smiley:

Lua, read the content on the front page

haha this is soo fake…so your saying its not yours right…hmmm…u guyz are like class mates rite…with the wiifii dude or sumthin…BUSTED!

yeah, so??? what trademark is he infringing upon, willis?

eMpTy H

Game development company

is the company legit??
lol you can get busted just for that one line


how? unless there’s already an eMpTy H game develepment company out there, who’s gonnna bust him for that… willis?

it is against the law to state that you own a company when you really don’t, all it takes is 1 call to the IRS or Consumer affairs and his ass is busted for faking a company

Woah, whats up guys? Calm down.

Mindwarp, I’d suggest gettin rid of the counter and the poll. Also, try and get the colours of the gallery to match the page.

Yeah the poll was a little cheesey:D

What do you think of the site? Please give feed back:D

The link to is unnecessary.
Doubt that many people will use your forum.
The gallery seems good. And the guestbook would be kinda nice if it was working :smiley:

The text on the welcome page is pretty big, bigger than the heading. Change it, before I call the IRS. :wink:

Don’t call it a company when it isn’t, that’s like, the lamest thing anyone can do, notwithstanding the fact that people across the world persist in doing in.

Overall, it’s not a bad site, I mean, the header could use a little work, cause I can still actually see bogus pixel from where you masked the background out of the fish picture. Still though, not bad.

Just don’t call it a company. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the spy in training is cute. And would make a cute game theme. Like you have to “I Spy” objects in a scene and collect clues. and then when you sell enuf you can incorporate to a real company and pay taxes lol. Until then just be Game Development Partners.

Thanks for the advice:]
Yeah i probabably shouldnt of callled it a company right off the bat i changed the site a little bit tell me what you think:]

That must be american laws, cause it isnt like that for the UK.