Sites that are SELLING Blender

Is it just me, or does it bother any other of you Blenderers that sites like are selling blender?

Is not anyone interested in the animation game quickly aware that Blender is FOSS?
Wha? :eek:
Maybe their ‘training’ is worthwhile?
Are there other sites doing the same? I mean, the license allows it, …b.b.bbut just how unethical is it to rename FOSS ['and distribute it as original? verrrrry, IMHO. :no:

What do you think?

Yeah it has happened before. It’s shameful, but I’m not sure there’s much we can do about it.

It’s been mentioned more than once…

to show a few examples.

To me it’s kinda like the local gas station, they charge you to be able to put air in your tires and they also charge you for water to drink (bottled water)…

So I guess if you are able to sell something that is free (like air and water) then good luck to you…


It’s completely unethical but completely legal strangely :
As apparently, as long as the gnu license is provided and the source code available, the guy can sell blender even if there’s no change/improvement in the code.

If someone wants to sell it and they abide by the license, I don’t there being an issue.

Perfectly legal and not unethical.

He uses images from and some other works made with blender. This is totally illegal and the respective owners should be notified immediately.
Really, let’s make this site face the same fate as 3dmagix. Rename the thread to something like “Illusion mage: rebranding the FREE software blender” And we’ll try to keep it the number one search result for “Illusion mage” on google.
Also, he should be harassed by anyone whose copyright he may have breached (notice the “contact” page)

It worked the last time :wink:

EDIT: The site looks exactly like that of 3dmagix, so it’s propably the same guy
See this post:

+1, although I do believe the advertising used to sell Blender is highly disingenuous and that people and companies should have to abide by a certain standard when selling their products and services.

On another note is there nothing that protects Blender’s brand. I don’t believe that someone who chooses to sell Blender should be able to rebrand it and sell it as their own work.

In the end Blender is Free and Open Source and under it’s license people have the right to be able to sell Blender as long as Blender’s license is abided by… so in that regard they are doing nothing wrong or unethical.

There is nothing wrong legally with it, like others stated, but imho it is a bit unethical, to me it feels a bit like a scam, trying to sell something that’s freely available (atleast with bottled water you get a bottle with it).

It does remind me a lot of the 3dmagix website, and that one was taken out of the air if I remember correctly mainly because the people that owned the copyrights of the images he used stepped up.

Anyone that sees a website like this should have alarmbells going off like crazy, but he definitely went to the trouble of advertising his software. Yet to me it would come of as really strange that you wouldn’t be able to find a company backing up the program, and the website looks really unprofessional. Those things would bother me, luckily I know blender is free, and I do hope people interested in 3d won’t be tricked by pathetic people like this guy.

It does not bug me that they sell it, no…It bugs me that they sell it to unsuspecting individuals…and are taking advantage of people…or maybe misrepresenting BF etc etc…but the financial issue is a non issue.

It shouldn’t bother anybody. If people are wiling to pay for a free software then that is their choice. If they found out that they’ve been scammed, then they’re the ones who would do something about it. There’s no win situation here. If there are illegal issues, I don’t think they could live in peace without thinking of the risks involved. I’d rather not be in that situation.

I think it’s immoral, but if someone’s stupid enough to buy something off the net without doing some simple google research beforehand, then that’s there problem ultimately. Just like the millions of suckers who give their pension cheques to those “televangelist” con-men, or who buy the latest John Edwards book.

That’s a sales page for a clickbank product. The guy is an internet marketer, hoping to make money from digital downloads. Signing up as an affiliate to ear 60 or 75% commission is one way to take a cut. as said - hopefully the training is worth it.

It is legal to sell blender. But changing the name to sell it and taking the credits, this is unethical. I think that they have to do this because the name “blender” and the icon are copyrighted and not gpl.

So, should we have a licence that requires logo and branding coming and associated with the software? This could help dealing with people which does not cooperate with the blender foundation.

But also I am pointing out something else. This could also be a destabilization campaign from a big company which would like the blender foundation doing something else than a marvelious software that competes with theirs. I won’t say any name here. I don’t want to be paranoid, but this could be a trap. Look at how it is lawfully backed. So if the blender foundation goes in court for this, I hope they will be carfull in their response for what it may involve and don’t spend too much energy on that.

Now from another perspective, there could be some other people unhappy with that and willing to do something. Look at the white robot on the page’s header and on the package box and cd.
This is a robot design from Bjork’s video clip - “All is full of Love”.

I don’t know if it is an actual render from those models. But at least, this is clearly the robot concept from this video. And this is most probably copyrighted and totally illigal to use as a marketing image. You wouldn’t sell a product with your own drawing of Mickey Mouse on it without approval! I think that getting in touch with the video clip producers and informing them on the situation could help our concern.:wink:

Dude this pisses me off! I know you’ve already posted it, but it’s even showing up on facebook ads. I want to punch those dweebs selling it. Legal or not, it’s 100% sleeze ball dirt bag of them.

[Edit], just had to send them something. Maybe it won’t even be read or matter, but…

"Excuse me for a moment while I [cough] respectfully vent.

You’re sort of being a complete douche bag for a ripping off people’s years and years of hard work. Legal or not, it’s such a sick low life thing to do. Don’t you realize how wrong, morally and ethically it is for you to rename and sell Blender. And I hope that it hits you so hard one day that you can no longer sleep at night…at least until you make it right by ending you deceptive company. You could be using your efforts to support the Blender community instead of fighting against it for your own selfish gain.

Grow up."

Ghost Train and others, you’re helping his Google ranking by posting his links here. You should break them. You’re also wasting your time appealing to his conscience. People like this firmly believe in separating un-informed people from their money. This is tame compared to the hard-core high-pressure up-selling infomercials on TV scamming $4000 out of people to teach them how to use Clickbank and Commission Junction.

The best thing you can do is post Scam reviews on the net. There are only a few scam alerts on page one when you Google it as of now. A whole page (or ten) would be better. If people don’t Google before they buy online you can’t help them. They will learn the hard way (or not).

Some things I noticed:

There is copyright info visible in the screenshots. Some C&D letters to him and Clickbank from might screw him up a bit.

I would bet the training videos aren’t his. Unfortunately someone will have to buy this to find out.

He’s up-selling on the order page. More open-source apps? There’s some more communities that can post info in forums and blogs to cause more scam alerts to come up in Google searches for this. They may not even know about this, so inform them if you want to crusade against this guy.

“Easy easy easy”. Maybe he’ll get a high return rate when folks find out how easy it really is.

He mentions Blender in the “Feature 4” overview, and Open-Source in the footer. Some folks may Google those and get informed.

My advice is to post about this in forums and blogs (no links!) and then forget about it. You’ll never stop bottom-feeders completely.

just found out the postal adress of this scammer rofl

probably some kid by the name of SETH

Customer Services
PO Box 20420
Auckland 2161
New Zealand

lol in case anyone find any loopwholes and wants to lay charges against the kid , rofl

It’s only $47. That’s really cheap for a full featured 3d app :wink:

This world is so sick of $!
Yet, not the first, nor the last of that sort of behavior… Sadly enough, it’s “pretty” human!

yeah, I wish Blender Foundation would ride that bandwagon too. It could have a large “Buy now” button in the front page and a small “Download” link in a corner. You know many suckers would fall for it as much as for those sites and it could generate potentially good income for hiring devs and not letting them be grabbed by competitors.

people are dumb, face it. Let it be a force to reckon with. :yes: