Sith Lord Staff

I’ve gotten back into the Star Wars theme I guess just can’t resist it! :evilgrin: Anyway here is a new Lightsaber in a Staff form for the Sith. There is one little problem though the blade tends to change depending on the background which is what happens in the films and all but it isn’t working out much for me since who wants a pink lightsaber? :smiley: And making the background black works all well but I have been told numerous times not to render with black backgrounds and especially since the hilt is 99% Black :eek: Anyone care to share on this? Also I have used nodes for the blade not halos… ugly things!

Very nice render.

Only crit I might offer is that it seems rather long. I recall the light-staff being little more than a handle, plus the blades. Either that or it’s short and tooth-pick thin.

Here is Bastila Shan’s Staff Lightsaber. I couldn’t see the button to ignite the blades so I didn’t model it or them yet…