Sitting Area - Expert Edition

Ultimate edition coming soon with more objects, and so an overall better scene… I think more work needs to be done on making it photorealistic , but I used just procedural textures , so I am happy there , and am I missing compositing ? coz I didn’t do any … Still got to learn it.

Definitely a great scene Akashyap! You got all the essentials in the room and the modeling looks nice. I would suggest some different lighting as that can really give it a nice feel and also make things a bit more visible. Other than that, great job and look forward to the finished result!

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to do something about it. I am working on the master edition of this scene now, which will have many more objects, such as books, baskets, boxes, vases, shelves, racks, cabinets, lamps and more.
Sample images of some of the objects -->

More images …

So, basically all the objects above and more which I am working on will be added into the scene on top to make the expert edition a master edition. After a month or two I will start making an ultimate edition.

I will definitely do something about the lighting, as the individual objects have good lighting, only the main scene where I have linked all the objects has bad lighting and is slow to render as well , as maybe I have turned on different kinds of settings, I will look into it, maybe increase the AO as well…

A test render I did after adding objects but not texturing all. Ignore the gigantic lamps for now as I have made them smaller and a little more attractive, maybe I will completely remove them.
Note that this is just a test and the actual render will definitely look realistic.

The big TV rack –