Sitting Duck

This is a pic I did several years ago, back when I was first learning how to use blender’s env. maps… The thing I don’t like about it is that I didn’t know how to get the sharks to look further away so I cheated a bit by just scaling the sharks down…but it kind of looks like a bunch of small sharks chasing a giant rubber ducky…hehe… :stuck_out_tongue: I also did a raytraced version recently but I think this version looks better.

Anyway, I consider this a finished project, but feel free to comment on it. :slight_smile:

the picture aint showing

Does it show now? It shows up when I view it…


it yet another geocitie crap system, no remote link

c&paste in a new window, it will show

Sorry bout that guys… :expressionless: I guess my host won’t allow files to be hotlinked, but try what Lukep said…

I saw it just fine. It’s interesting. I like the expression on the duck’s face. You’re right about the sharks, but instead of scaling down uniformly, try scaling nonuniformly so that perspective helps you to make the sharks look like they’re further away.

To cheat the hotlink issue just put a ‘?’ at the end like this:


Ha! That’s great. Yesterday I saw JAWS for the first time, so it really strikes home. I would add a sky-- the flat blue takes a lot out of the image. I didn’t have a problem with the scale of the sharks compared to the duck, but it might look better with the nearer sharks a bit bigger.


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Hey, thanks for the comments. Your’e right about the sky, it’s not perfect but like I said this picture was done several years ago, and I moved on to other projects. But I might work on the sky and the sharks some more if I get a chance… Thanks for the feedback!


nice ripples- would that be the wave efect or some kind of map?

Hey, thanks Dwarfose!..

nice ripples- would that be the wave efect or some kind of map?

Yes, actually it’s both…the wave effect, along with a stucci texture for the nor mapping. The waves coming from the sharks are modeled by hand, using the proportional editing tool… There might be a better way of doing it but that was the way I chose to do it.

cool I love the style!

Thanks, Modron! If I knew then what I know now I would’ve made it look much better, but anyway…I’m happy w/ it.

By the way, I think that your rat is awesome! :o What did you use for the fur? the fiber script, or beast?


I did the hair with beast,…If you want, you can see the full render in the Weekend Challenge from a few weeks ago,…I think the particular challenge was entitled ‘on the inside’. Glad you like him. Oh yeah, and there is a non raytraced version somewhere in the beast thread.
<edit> here he is,…

Looks great especially the water.

My crits r:

  1. the front of the duck seems too bright.

  2. The waves arounds the sharks looks like just extruded and scaled cubes, needs to be subsurfed and a bit more wavy?(not sure bout dis 1)

Super work!