Six flags was awesome!

I went to six flags (near St. Louis) yesterday and I must say that it was a LOT of fun. :smiley:

The only rides I didn’t go on were the Superman Tower of Power and Xcalibur.

I also got a bunch of high fives from random people I didn’t know (mainly girls :D). :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t been to six flags in nearly 13 years (I’m 15) and the very first ride I went on was The batman. :smiley: I almost died of anxiety as I was boarding the batman. :smiley:

Mr. Freeze was really “cool”. (Lame joke, I know.)

Screamin’ Eagle, American Thunder (originally called Evel Knieval, I think.), and The Boss were really cool.

The Boss was very bumpy.

The batman is my first favorite ride, and Mr. Freeze is my second favorite.

On almost every ride I said I was going to die.

I rode the Ninja 3 times.

I rode the Batman twice.

I rode Mr. Freeze once.

I also got hit by the tidal wave at one of the water rides.

I did not go to hurricane harbor.

I really need to stop typing.

Xcalibur looked fun, but everyone said it was very nauseating and nobody (in my group) wanted to ride it.

I saw Lola Bunny and was almost tempted to either tackle her or hug her.

I also saw Granny.

I overcame my fear of rides (except Superman) after I rode Mr. Freeze.

Superman looks really scary.

I think I overcame my fear of heights a little.

And that was just a short review of my day at six flags. :smiley:

That seems so cool! I haven’t been to a theme park in yonks! I will probably go to one in about 3-4 years time when the time is right. As a holiday activity, the local theme advertises a lot, and is very kid friendly.

I’d be warned. I think this would be a thread Arexma and Morio would troll.

But good.

Why the hell is a six flags trip posted on this forum.

Because I want it to be. :smiley:

We’ve been to several of the parks, but do note that if you want variety, you have to take note what the different rides are because they’re known to have the exact same ride in upwards of several locations.

Magic Mountain will offer some of the most diversity not found in the other parks. (usually the bigger ones will while the smaller ones have mostly the same set as the others). Their waterparks are a bit more generic and similar among the locations (so we have gone to parks like Shlitterbaun instead)