Six Music Player [Demo 03 version 2.5 | 24.3]

Hello everybody okay?
Here I am unsuccessfully trying to sleep =] at this hour in the morning what keeps me awake is proud to see that I’m learning more each day!:eyebrowlift:

After studying a little library (pygame) I got a very good result.
Due to the success obtained, named my program as: (Six Music Player). Then came the following question in your minds:

How does that work, Juniorsla?

  • It’s easy let me explain!

First I programmed all the game logic (program) do not know how to call after I did everything in BGE. So there is a folder called “Radio” folder in the program, it must enter as many files as you want, in the formats (mp3, wav, ogg,) I think it works with other non-tested, then added after the songs in the folder, program recognizes all files, it pulls the files in alphabetical order, read the name, and then you can change songs, change volume, pause, stop, etc…

Good as I did the program yesterday to today, there might be a bug, it is the first version, but just the fact WHAT have achieved so far had not seen in BGE, I feel victorious!:yes:

Well without further ado I will leave here for all of the file download:


I hope you like it, will comment, criticism and suggestions are welcome!
Att, Juninho_SLa

wow that souncs fantastic. good job…maybe i will try it

The link doesn’t work, but it’s good to see that people are using the BGE for more advanced projects. Nice job.

Thanks everyone!
Sorry for the broken link!
I’ve edited the post, now it’s all right.

Evil Moon MOose, thanks!
Test, and then tell me what you think.

Thanks, SolarLune!
Test, and then tell me what you think also.

ps: link >

itworks pretty well, bit slow on startup though :smiley: but if you can get it to work faster, it could be great!

Hello everybody okay? I hope so!

I think it looks just downloaded the first version of Six Music Player.
Today I come to bring the beta 2, with some ups about reading audio files.

In this new version I can pull the information from audio files in real time, or read the ID3 tags of the files, a set of information used in conjunction with the MP3 audio format. It allows you to store information such as title, artist, album, track number, or other information about the file in the file itself. Then with this library, I can do all this, which is very good because the first version I just pulled the filename, not ID3.

Well I hope you download and evaluate this new version, here’s the link and some screens.



Thanks to all :eyebrowlift:

Hadn’t downloaded, but the gui looks quite nice.


Pygame plays many many formats I tested your player, the following formats are working:

Streamed formats: mp3, ogg, wav, flac.
Sequenced-tracker formats: midi, mod, s3m, xm, it.

I just noticed some bugs with volume.

I always wanted to use pygame for my minigolf game… It never worked for me! :). I finally had to convert my midi and tracker files to ogg.

If you add some 3d background… for example some rotating objects or scenes it’ll be much better :).

oh thanks!
Download and tell me what you think?

Hi mills332, thanks a lot.

the initial purpose was make a engine for execute archives of music in games for all, like a GTA SA radio system.
Yes the initial purpose in ongoing, and I am studying the new api to be able to translate the engine of program, for the blender 2.6, because I did this version in blender 2.49b, because the pygame do not works in blender 2.6.
Do you know any way to the pygme transport links to the new API?
Thanks, news coming soon.

Sorry… I have no idea about it, I tried some time ago… As 2.6 plays ogg files, people forgot about pygame, I think.

Hello everyone I bring new ups!

Hi Mills332;
pygame is I think is not so high, but okay!
I’m using some external lib ^ ^. (mpeg1audio, ID3Tag, etc. …)

Well the new ups are:
New interface being scheduled;
Engine lighter;
Programming redesigned to avoid some bugs;
Play continued, (when one song ends the next begins)
Color system;
Now the program reads the additional information such as: (bits per second, file size, etc…)

Well I’m scheduling more things …
Here are some screens:

PS: At the bottom left is written “Equalizer,” well I’m still doing it …
See you soon for another update download.

Hello everyone

Well now just finished the latest version of SMPlayer = D.
Hope you enjoy, peopl to list the bugs, so I can improve this idea.
After the player is all done in BGE, with some features of Python.

Evaluate and list any bugs.
Thanks guys