size does matter (even in bge)

sorry for this stupid question but i wish to know what is the right scale to develop dungeons, heroes and so on. 1 meter as 1 blender unit?

there are two related problems:

  1. i’ve noticed that a 1024x1024 stretches too much if applied to a bigger mesh (see attachment) and
  2. i’ve noticed that working with an enormous level is really difficult.

for the first question i’ve maybe found a solution: in these pages i’ve read about a simple way to recall objects from another layer or dynamically, too. i can subdivide my area in smaller ones, ok, and when my hero reaches the border of the area i use an empty to trigger the visualization of the rest.

but for the second one? and what about the correct ratio between the hero and the ground?

my goal is (and i simply can’t figure out how to do it) to create areas as bigger as the one i see in tes construction set (here’s an example: ), working on them in a single layer and texturing it with hi-res images.


sizedoesmatter.blend (139 KB)

Problem solving. Model stuff as big as you want, then scale it so that 1 unit = 1 meter. Or change gravity to fit your scale.

ok, thanx :slight_smile: