Size functionality question

Hello awesome members of the blender community! I have a question about the measurement tool feature. I am attempting to model a scene to scale and there seems to be something I’m missing about how it works. In the photos you can see the two line segments are visually not the same size yet the metric measurements are identical (they have been lined up in front and side view). They are both part of different objects but I don’t understand why the measurement system wouldn’t be global. I’m sure I’m just noobin’ on a simple setting or something but any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ensure you have applied the scale for your objects

If you change the size of an object in object mode you change its scale
If you change the size of an object in edit mode you do not change its scale
Apply any scaling by selecting the object and use shortcut Ctrl+N

By the way:
If you uncheck “Separate Units”, Blender will display metric units in a more “common” way (4.21 m instead of 4 m 21 cm).

Thank you for the responses, so if I understand you correctly, I can select all my objects (in object mode) and use the (ctrl+N) command to “reset” the scaling (thereby recalculating the “distance” normals and fixing the mixmatch.) Do I have that right?

Actually it’s Ctrl-A. That command “applies” the selected Object mode transformations to the mesh (= makes them permanent), thereby correcting possible inconsistencies between Object and Edit mode.

Ctrl-N recalculates the face normals.

Ooops! Ctrl+A (and the scale option) worked like a charm!! Thank you very much! This was driving me crazy! My scene has over 50 pieces and i would have hated trying to redo all that work for the sake of something simple like this. Cheers to ya all!!!