Size isn't everything...

Size isn’t everything when it comes to PC cases!

Today I retired my full tower severely hacked to bits case, and bought myself a nice midi sized ATX case, with the new fangled “Pen*$#M 4 Board Support Additional Cooling Fan”

SO all my over heating worries are gone now, the case has an 80mm fan sitting at the rear of the case, exhuasting all the hot air from the cpu! Its also drilled for a 90mm fan instead of the 80mm!

Plus it sits nicely on my desk, so I can spin round on my desk chair and not kick any case over! :smiley:

Only problem, its a bit noisy since it’s sitting on the desk rather than under it.


Heres a pic!

Not a bad little case for 35 UK Pounds! :stuck_out_tongue:


cute, er… but not what I expected. Um… well, I won’t say what I expected, LOL :stuck_out_tongue: