Size issue with linked asset

Hi everyone!

I’vee got a size issue with assets I tried to link in a scene.
As you can see the Units in the asset file and in the scene are the same:


Once linked, the asset is 100 times bigger than it should be.

I don’t understand what I did wrong. :confused:

You cropped the shots so can’t see the version information, and didn’t attach a piece of the asset in a .blend file for troubleshooting.

Hi It’s the 2.79 version. I can’t attached the blend file because the assets were bought, not done by me.
I’v found the solution, it incredbly stupid… The asset was parented to an Empty with wrong scale factor…

again same reply to my suggestion, maybe my english fails me to get the point across. I said a piece of it, not the whole asset. In this case including even one vertex would suffice for troubleshooting since it’s about object dimensions, or delete the whole geometry and replace it with a cube mesh yourself.

Example .blend is the most effective tool in collaborative troubleshooting and with a bit of thinking, there are very few excuses for not including one. If you work in a company and the company policy is to not share files of any kind, that’s a good enough reason, and you might want to troubleshoot the issue with the ones who decide upon such policy.