Size matching meshes

Can’t seem to see this is the docs, but I’m sure the developers have thought of a solution…

Suppose I create 2 cube meshes.

Scale one to size, move it away for later.

Go to the other cube, apply some transformations of vertices, boolean operations, etc, etc, but basically ‘mess it up’ to a different shape.

Now, is there any way to get my newly created mesh and ‘match’ the size of another primitive?

As a proper example, I’ve created 2 cubes and a cylinder. Moved one of the cubes away, and then applied a boolean difference of the other cube and the cylinder to form a cube with a hole punched out.

I’ve then scaled down this punched out cube to a size I’m comfortable with, but I then need to match the first cube with my punched cube.

Any ideas?

Ctrl-C, Size will copy the size of the Active object to all others selected.