Size of program question

I have a game I made a while back, it’s a big Blend file and wil be bigger when complied. If i get rid of textures the file is just a fraction of the size it is now, so the textures sizes are the problem. I tried one texture that includes all of my textures on it but still big file. Here is what I am asking. I made a fishtank, other fishtanks that have many fish, rocks, coral, etc are only about 8 to 10 mg in size What do they know that i don’t? they are not using game engines but still.


Do you have all sorts of unused textures, materials or objects in your scene? High poly models tend to use up quite a lot of space, so maybe look into optimising and baking some of the details into textures. Its difficult to tell exactly whats going on without seeing a blend file.

Basically, the people who can make the same sort of scene with smaller blend files know how to optimise scenes better than you. Since hard drive space is cheap these days, I would pay more attention to RAM usage.

Maybe consider posting the blend file if you dont mind people having a look at it. Will be easier to find the culprit for taking up lots of space by having a quick look through it.

No actually I have low polys The problem seems to be textures that bring bon the size i will look into optimizing


You can drastically reduce the filesize by indexing the colours of your images

In Gimp:
Menu: Image->Mode->Indexed
Reduce the “maximum number of colours” until the image begins to look bad.

Here is an example:

The image is 1024x1024 pixel

No index: Filesize= 81kb

Indexed (64 colours): Filesize= 42kb

maybe compress Your textures to jpg with average or even low quality?