size of video files

i know nearly nothing about video file formats, but this seems strange:

i made a small animation, saved it as individual jpegs, opened them with virtualdub, saved as avi…file is 137MB

if i save the file as avi from within blender…1.2MB

why the huge difference?

It all depends on the codec you’ve used and the encoding bitrate. The term avi can be misleading as it is just a container for the codec. One avi is not neccessarily the same as another avi. Check the codecs you used in virtualdub and blender.


thanks, richard, will do

I’ve done some really simple 10 second animations at 800x600 res and found their file size is drastically larger than other animations that are much more complex (e.g. Big Buck Bunny). The difference seems to lie in the data rate and total bit rate as shown in the file properties.

Any hints on how to minimize the size of my animations while keeping the quality? I usually use the cinepac codec but my files show about 15MEG bit rates while the BBB movie is at 109KILO bits. What’s the trick here???

Cinepac is an old codec. Use a modern one which can do a much better job in giving good image quality with much lower bitrates such as H264.


Thanks Richard, I’ll search for some newer codecs.