size problem with different blender versions

Hi everybody,

I have a human model which I saved in version 2.60.6. When I open it in version 2.60.0 or lower the armature is somehow stretched and the size of all objects is wrong (see pic).
Otherwise when I open the file in 2.61 or higher the meshes are just disappeared, but not the owning objects.
But what is the strangest part is that when I start the game engine, there are no problems at all.

This problem appears on several computers all running Linux.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is there a way to fix the file?
I would use 2.60.6, but it causes other trouble.

PS: you can find the file here:


So I tried a few things and realised that I can scale the objects in 2.59/2.60 to 0 but they are still persistant. But when I scale them to -1 they collapse to a point.:confused::confused::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::confused::confused:

When I scale all body parts to 0 and set the armature to ‘Rest Position’, the human looks right (of course not in ‘Pose Position’). But sadly the Human dissapears in the Game Engine. I can then load this in 2.61 and get the same problems, but the meshes are shown.

Otherwise 2.61 does not load display any mesh when the file was saved with 2.60.6 and vice versa. In 2.60 mesh objects are double the size than in 2.60.6.

Furthermore when I download another 2.60.6 build they all show ‘r42274M’ in the splash screen and ‘2.61.6’ in the info header

Still fiddling with this issue.
I found out that in 2.61 all mesh objects have a dimension of (0,0,0). So the meshes exist, the objects scale is not (0,0,0), but the dimension is (0,0,0). And since the dimension is 0 I can’t scale the objects. I can’t even add new geometry to the mesh (well I can, but it doesn’t change the objects dimension).

When I apply the Scale in 2.59, the object get bigger. I can do this unlimited times.

Finally I found the problem.
After saving the file with 2.59 and opening this file with 2.61.4, all objects had a delta scale of (2.0, 2.0, 2.0). In 2.59 the delta scale was still (1.0, 1.0, 1.0).
So after adjusting the delta scale it works fine.