Size/Units query

Hi again.
been pushing on w/ my model and decided i needed to know how big it is, so it can be scaled against other things correctly. i’ve been into my Scene/Units bit and set Metric, but there’s a note on the screen now saying “blender metres x 1.2” the default cube shows a size of 2.4m : now, i thought the default Unit was a straight metre, so why am i getting the .2 extra from? and more to the point, how do i alter it back to the 1.0?
edit - just seen a vid on Blender Cookie where it showed the size note changing as he zoomed in, but mise doesn’t do that.


In the Units section there is a Scale option. Ensure this is set to 1

it is already

Also check if the object scale is 1. You see the scale on the properties panel in object mode. Ctrl+a -> scale to apply the scale, alt+s to reset it.

yeah, all the scales are showing 1.

edit, no they weren’t, lol. i went through all the different parts of the model and a bunch were showing .829, which i’m assuming means i altered them way back at the start of modelling. i’ve applied scale to them all but it’s made no diff, the window still says metres x 1.2

upload sample file so we can test it !


~ assuming i did that right!


The dimension that shows in the top left corner is the width of one visible grid unit. If you zoom in, it changes to a smaller size.
In your grid settings you have its scale set to 1.2 and that’s why it shows 1.2x (it’s the width of the grid unit times the scale). Grid settings are on the properties panel (N).

look into your display panel in N panel
there is also a grid display scale there set at 1.2

this is for the grid lines scaling
which is shown at top left of viewport

one problem here

why when you zoom in out you don’t see the top left tooltip changes size?

i have other files where it is changing !


thanks guys, that’s sorted the display. Yeah Ricky, that’s what i mentioned, i saw that on the blendercookie vid.
although the grid is sorted, i must’ve done something because i chopped up a standard cube to be an approximate man-size ref marked : it’s showing dimensions as 1.2x2.4 though, not the 1x2 that it should. not that it’s important, i think it just signifies i’ve maybe buggered something up somewhere in my modelling.