Size VS Effectivenessٍ


i noticed that that Blender diplomacy always go for Size

but the blender as a current decent program need some more things to be come with it’s setup as a default

for example :

  • material liberary - you can see them and select from them directly from inside the blender
  • Sculpt brushes ( Alpha ones ) with a way to see & select them directly from sculpt mode or so

and so on …

but this ideas isn’t fit with the current diplomacy as i said

so what’s your opinion ? Size or more functions

should we have two versions for Ex limited And complete ?

waiting for your opinions :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you are talking about, which diplomacy? As far as I know, the two features you mention were never left out, or decided not to be coded to keep the size of Blender down. Just no one ever coded them.

I don’t understand what you are talking about,

i read once that there was a Discussion between blender developers - before 2.44 - about adding ffmpeg to the windows version or not to keep the size down

if we had this discussion about the ffmpeg and it’s more important to many people than the things i said
then we will not have library like this even if it’s coded

that what i meant :slight_smile:

Well, ffmpeg is in the windows version now. So evidently developers do not think keeping the size small is always most important.

the current philosophy is to promote add-ons and plug-ins that don’t bloat the core. For example, the Material library is throuth the Library add-on, currently 1.3, which provides the facility for what you are speaking of. Then, with all the free downloads available, you can populate your library with whatever you want.
Same thought is coming with Nodes - provide an API for more nodes to be plugged in when needed. Same is for UI I think - don’t hard-code in 20 different user interfaces, instead provide a facility for people to change whatever they want and keep those changes in a configuration theme file.

thanks for explaining :slight_smile: