Sizing isn't Working Correctly

I’ve added a cylinder mesh, reduced the number of vertcies to 8 to get an octagon, and rotated it on the z axis 67.5 degrees so the flat sides face the X and Y axes (instead of the corners).

Here’s the problem- when I try to size it on the X axis, the whole thing skews to the side for some reason. This only happens after rotating it 67.5 degrees. I really don’t know why it’s doing this, but I can’t get it to act normally. Does anyone know what’s going on?

It IS acting normally. It has been rotated and isn’t parallel to the axises, so if you scale it on one axis, it will deform. If you meant to resize it all proportionally, then don’t use scale, use resize. If you meant to stretch it, then better do it first, and rotate later.

Thanks Matante, I didn’t think it worked that way. It seemed to be scaling on it’s local axis or something. I found that I can get around it by resizing it in edit mode rather than object mode.

Have you tried to click on Object -> Apply -> Apply Rotation before rescaling the object in Object Mode ?

Usually, it’s better to do operations like these while being in Edit Mode instead of Object Mode.