sk8 with blender...

a movie about skateboarding is being produced by a friend of mine, by the way i´m a skater from the movie, he asked me if i could make some introduction, an animated one, i thoungt i could use blender. so i´m here to ask if you can help me on this project, for free, there is no money to pay, sorry , all i can do is put the names from the graphic producers and a credit to blender. those who wants to join the team say something, i will take a note

your subject seemed to be a refrence to a demo from the NaN era

z3ro d im talking ins something like an avi animation, not like a game.

i skate so this sparkedmy interest. what kind of ideas do you have for the intro?

ur a skater, congratulations 111
i don´t have anything in mind,
i propose this … it will be 3 guys, and we just need to do something funny , like the guy A makes a kickflip and falls, or something else trick, the name rise up , and then appears the real skater in the movie, simple.
but if there exists other ideias or sugjestions say it here.

Whats up.

I’m a skateboarder also(I’m a little old school :slight_smile: ).I’m doing a short right now,when is the deadline for this project?

PD: I’m sorry if my english is bad! i speak spanish.

I played the bass in a punk rock band from Colombia (the band die), and i have an idea of a Video of a song.
In the video the principal actor is a skate Girl. XD
I have the idea in images (bad images). I’m interesting in your project and i invited you for help in my project. Or choose one.

RONIN i like old school, but prefer streetskate!!!
we need to finish the project in 3 weeks , its not much time!!

hmm…sliker, i can´t help u before i finish mine.

by the way i have images too and some pics from the skaters, i will nedd to know who is interrested in help,names, i´ll create a forum to put the doubts and to show the progress from the work!!