Skanska Architecture

Project made for Skanska Poland in February this year.
Visualizations show two of the five buildings that make up the investment “High Five” built by Skanska in Krakow.
Architecture design - moonstudio, Visualizations - seryjny projektant.
I used here ArchiCad for drawings and Blender 2.76 + Cyles for modeling, texturing, rendering. Some postpro made in Photoshop CS6 (2d cut people and some CC).
some chairs and flowers on the balcony - blender guru,
2d cut out people -,
restaurant chair & table set -
two cars -
It was quite complex project and I have a lot of views from it but those two are finished for now :slight_smile:

Thanks to @Drabson for tips and tricks while preparing fly renders (I have not done them yet, but thanks anyway :wink: )
Maybe I will make them in near future :slight_smile:



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It looks very good, I like the lighting alot! Congrats for having Skanska as a client! :slight_smile:

Wery nice Arc.Viz. Looks realistic.

Very nice!

This is great! Very nicely presented building.

Hi paulina,

some serious arch viz here, good job! I really like the full 3d approach, lighting is consistent and believable!

Minor observations:

  • In the second shot the metal elements of the facade look a little bit to much (bilateral?-) blurred
  • tiny bevelled edges for the metal elements would perhaps provide some nice highlights
  • motion blur of the cars is looking great (postpro or rendered?), the moving people could perhaps have a tad motion blur, too
  • traffic signs with yellow base should perhaps be darker in the shadow area
  • brick texture scale on the building right hand eventually too large?
  • tiling pattern of the asphalt texture
  • texturing of the curbs (postpro?) not accurate in all places

Would be interesting to see a raw render,


*maraCZ - thanks a lot :slight_smile:
*Vizuaris, Okavango, Haltton- thanks guys :slight_smile:
*polygonoul - cars are made in Blender (two of them were downloaded from But blur was made in photoshop. People was added in photoshop and they have some motion blur but it is more subtle than the one on cars from the obvious speed reasons :-), all traffic signs are 3d objects so I assume that Cycles saw them as objects and new were to put shadows :-), yes I agree with brick texture :slight_smile: thanks for your comments. In some free time I will try to put here my raw render :slight_smile: