Skate game environments, texturing, details


I am working on a skate game for android and ios.
I am looking for a 3d artist who can help me create the maps.

I will be creating the main part of the maps (ramps, etc) myself to make sure it fits with the games physics etc… What i need your help with is:

  • Texturing of the maps
  • Surroundings around the skatepark (like a city, parking lot, beach etc.) - as much of it done with planes as possible for performance.
  • Details added to the park for cosmetic reasons - like lamp posts, trash cans, etc.

The style is realistic. It needs to be somewhat low poly for performance.

I might also have a few other tasks like 3d menu backgrounds etc.

Budget is about 50 usd per map / side job.

thank you to everyone who applied - i have found the person i need for this.