Skate scene!

Hey i was skating one day cause i skate board a lot and i saw this awesome scene i was going to try to make in blender cause i thought i was going to try some realistic things!
I hope that you leave some good comments,sugestions, or just say anything about it.

Scene includes: Bike Rack,Lege, Stair, Building used to store things in cause it is a carnival grounds.There will be a tree off to the left and im not sure if im going to make anything behind it.



Thanks for the comments.

Anyone going to reply!I am still working on it and i need some sugestions.

i think its a great idea, but i don’t see any images. can you give me the links?

ps i love skateboarding, i have a skate site if u want to check it out (

Yeah i can post the links.

Will someone comment please?

i can’t see them, but maybe if you post them as an image here i can

you want a skateboard too, I tried to make one realistic:

that’s amazing! wow, i love skateboarding

Can you send me the .blend file of the skateboard?

I was wondering if anyone could help me with sugestions for the siding on the building?

here is the link to the skateboard


it says it cant find the web page or whatever.Do you have msn ill get it on there.

ya I’ll pm you

hmm interesting… ill make a few objects for you if you would like and host the file on my freewebs site

nothin fancy but very functional…

incline w/ flatsurface
stairs w/ w/o rail(box and round)
quarter ramp

Ok i would appreciate it!

Brick, at a lot of skateparks, there are brick buildings

Its not a park though it is just a place around my house.

here ya go…
Skate Stuff

took bout 1/2 hour to make… Enjoy!

Thanks alot that = Really great!
I might have to edit it some though but that will be a big help!