Skateboard problems..kinda

ok my friend and i…and a few other people that want to join (JOIN PLEASE LOL)…are making a realistic skateboarding game…kinda like skate…ok alot like EA SKATE!!..and i was wondering if anyone knew away to make the board have phyics so when i want it to Ollie.jump. i dont have to animate it…does that make sence?


I’d here’s what I would do for the setup.

Main Character parented to an empty, skateboard parented to a DIFFERENT empty, the skateboard’s empty parented to the character’s empty. Now the board will follow the character but you can add IPOs to the board’s empty and the board’ll animate.

If you want to get advanced, add torque to the wheels of the board. You’d need to learn some python though. And Skate is a great game, however, it’s so realistic that you’ll probably get frustrated trying. Just giving you a heads up.

but, but, your working on TFoL!

yes curly i am…but this is in my spare time…ill have lots…ill home all summer =(!!! broken foot…but since the site is down…idk what needs to be done…

@-[Killer]-…yeah…im not good at that kind of stuff!..but ill learn…and python…i have no clue how to use…python is like alien to me…

if i parented them…and animated the main person in the motion of an ollie…would the board move too?…follow the motion…like the back foot slams down…so the board would slam down?

For the best results, you’ll have to animate the player doing different tricks, and use python so that when the player is in the air and presses a certain combination of keys, the player does a trick and it plays the corresponding frames of the animation.

If you choose to do this without any animation at all, the board probably wont sync to the player every time and you’ll get graphical artifacts. (like the foot going through the board)

Just teasing… I’ve been messing around with stuff while waiting for nitty. But on topic, I have to agree with venom.

i have no clue how to do that!..idk how to use python…i didnt meen the foot goes through the board…but the foot pushes down on the back of the board to make it POP

You can do almost anything without python, with a little creativity, and patience.

For your tricks I would just fake it. Like for the ollie, have a collision hull do the hop synchronized with a armature animation of your skater dude doing the trick, and also synced with a sound effect.

I am not saying not to learn python, as a matter of fact, If I was layed up all summer I would definitely try learning wither python or C++. When I was younger that is how I learned BASIC and PASCAL. I would learn python if I wanted to use pre-made game engines, and C or C++ if I wanted to make things from scratch, for heavily optimized games.

Anyway, game development is sort of like doing a magic show. There is a lot of “smoke and mirrors” going on. Things are not always what they seem. For your skateboard tricks I would just fake it, like I stated above. With a little work and tweaking I bet you could come up with a very convincing skateboard game.

so Mmph…just animate the person doing the trick…then have the board fake the animation?

and what is a collision Hull?

You can follow Mmph!'s advice without using a single line of python, but with either method you’ll have to do some animation. So look up some rigging and animating tutorials and see what’s best for you.

Personally, (and of course, this is just my opinion) I would use python because it makes tweaking variables (along with so many other tasks) so much easier, and you wont have to dig around your maze of logic bricks to change something.

It can be easily done without python though, so dont feel limited in that sense.

As far as eliminating any need for animation, I’m not sure I can help you much there. Keep looking though, someone may give you a better answer. :wink:

ok im looking at the BSOD introduction to charater animation…im at the part on rigging…so hopefully i can get the rig good

I did a demo for your skateboard the other day. I parented the camera and the skateboard to an oblong cube that did all the actual physics stuff. That cube is a collision hull. It is the the actually doing all the physics stuff, and the skateboard was just there for the visuals.

so basically have the collision hull do all the hopping and rolling around, and have the skater dude, and the board doing animated tricks that are synced with the collision hull.

The BSOD intro is a great place to start! it will show you a lot of what you will need to know about controlling physics objects in the game.

BTW I noticed you like streetfighter 2 in your sig… you might wanna check out this link if you ever owned any of the arcade cabinates:

get it here:

ok i have a new problem!

ok i made an animation of a Heelflip(flip the board with the heel) and the button you push is H…but you can push H anytime and it flips…how can i make it so it only does it in the air?..maybe make the animation of it in the air?like an ollie type thing?

Make a python collision detect. Setup logic bricks like this:

when I type “[]” in the logic setup that’s the name of the brick.

Click the ground and set a prop called “Ground”

keyboard [Heelflip]_______Python
collision: Ground [Ground]

then the python like this:

heelflip = cont.getSensor(“Heelflip”)
ground = cont.getSensor(“Ground”)

if heelflip.isPositive and ground.isPositive():
(Perform Desired action)

Hope this helped!

ok i have a new problem!

ok i made an animation of a Heelflip(flip the board with the heel) and the button you push is H…but you can push H anytime and it flips…how can i make it so it only does it in the air?..maybe make the animation of it in the air?like an ollie type thing?

make a collision sensor that looks for the floor, on the collision sensor you will see a INV button, push that, it means invert. wire it to the AND with your H key sensor.

so with the INV pushed you are basically saying “when the player is not touching the floor, and H is press, then preform whatever action”

you can do it with a ray set to -Z, but it is a bit more complicated so set up.

if i knew how to work python i would

Mmph!..can you send me a PM of what you mean? with pictures and stuff…please?

i kinda fixed it…i animated the board so it did an ollie and fliped…but when i hit space and H it goes even higher…so i think ima try Mmph!'s why of doing it

ok is there what you ment Mmph?



select the ground/floor of you level,click the actor button, make it into a static triangle mesh
add a property named “floor”…

now in your players collision sensor, in the property field have it look for anything with the property floor.

the way you have the collision sensor now is incomplete, it has to have the property field filled in or it is disabled.

ok so for the collision thing…just click add property under where it says Bound Actor,ect…? or name the property thing in the collision thing?

here is a screen shot…the one on the left is the one that has the Add Property…and the right one is the property thing in the collision thing