Skateboard product render

This is a piece I did for my portfolio, and because I wanted to do a skateboard for ages. I tried to go for a product visualisation sort of look. I have modeled all the little parts (as some people saw in my w.i.p thread), except for all the parts that make up the trucks, that’s just one object.

I used yafray for the rendering (I’ve not used it before but it’s amazing).

Here’s one of my yafray renders:

C&C welcome :cool: And tips on getting more realism in yafray too :smiley:

Congratulations. You just broke my window.

Mind fixing that? :slight_smile:

Was the image a tad too big? XD

I dunno how to size it down on here with the bbcode unfortunately

EDIT: A new, more refined render

So any thoughts on the new and improved render with yafray anyone?

hey mrjimmy,

well, as I posted on your WIP thread it reminds me of my
skateboards I did 5 years ago, which you can see at
I did them in blender and rendered them with yafray back in those days.
your model looks pretty decent. however, the rendering looks
kind of flat to me… I suggest a more advanced light setup and maybe
you try out some studio rigs for car rendering…?


I really like the one you did there (digging the wheels especially). I’m not good at lighting myself, I understand fundamentals from reading stuff like photography books and tutorials buit I’m not that experienced. A good point there though since I only have a couple of lights and a few reflection planes in there heh heh