here we go another project :smiley:
i didn’t think yet at the enviroment and need to finish the textures[/img]

pretty cool, no crits right now cause im goin :D. some shots of the trucks plz

Quite nice model, but shouldn’t these small wheels be more round? I mean without sharp edges. It’s just a thought, i’m not a skater anyway :]

bigger render, now i see some troubles with uvmap :frowning:
i rounded more the wheels as suggested :wink:

can i see the trucks they seem to look a bit weird. abd yea texture does seem to repeat itself :smiley:

The texture is obviously repeating on the skateboard. And the shadows look a bit dark the way I see it.

add raymir to floor
play with ramps on the wheel mat
fix the trucks
make a sick uv tex for the bottom

post another wip when youve done that

yeah cool a 3d skatebaord! humm but I think theres a lot of work to do :wink: the wheel are to large these are longboard wheel… and I dont know if it is me but I see the trucks haves a kind of S shape??? and the trucks base are rectangular prisme! but keep on it will give a nice result! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :smiley:
thx all
here it’s only the model no enviroment :smiley: the lights , scenario ecc ecc will be thiked later
i put on the floor to give a better looking :smiley:
here some minor fixes as suggested
woops ortho cam… making another render :d
edit: fixed
the trucks now looks really closer to the ref pics (my old skate :D)

looking good :smiley: keep up the good work :wink: