Skateboarding Game [WIP] - Screenshots

I love skating in real life and I also love the Tony Hawk’s series, so… I decided to make the first blender skating game ever (as far as i know)! One problem is I suck at scripting. So I basicly just want a scripter… no modelers or animators needed. (= I want the graphics and gameplay to be similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 for the PS1/N64. I think for game play I just want to stick with freestyle (skating around in a park doing tricks with no time limit or goals). It seems possible on blender just hard. Like for grinding and stuff. Also the tilting physics for going up ramps. I’m working on a character and will post screenies soon. Please help! This project seems do-able and I think we could acctually finish it.

UPDATE 10-10-08
Screenie time! This is a unfinished model of the skater. I just thought I better post somthing so you dont loose interest!
Check out the awsome skinny jeans and the sutded belt. I’m verry pleased with the results so far.

My buddy and I tried to make a game for about a month or so…We gave up…We both suck at python…so yeah

We got the bored to move thats it pretty much.

Good luck…If you want some modeling help…I know in your post it says no modelers…But if you do i can try to make somthing…Or maybe a texture artist…(i suck at ti though)

Yeah it seems like it would be hard… I’m really dedicated to finishing it though! If I need any help modelling I’ll contact you. Thanks for the offer.

I know quite a little bit of BGE Python, but I’m very busy now with the synth, and maybe with making a (fps, complicated, long, glsl) game of my own. I CAN help you with little things.
If you haven’t found out yet, you can use multiple actions for different parts of the body.

Sounds wicked, can’t wait for some screen shots.

K, well i’m grounded from my computer right now but as soon as I get it back I’ll work on the skater model and maybe a beta skate park. I had an idea for the sloap system. First of all, the skater and the skateboard will be all for apearence, the character it’s self will just be an invisible cube. The cube will have normal physics (no rigid body) and when it is touching the ground it will track to the ground. The one problem is that it wouldn’t track to the ground under it it would track to the center point of the ground object. So maybe some scripting could solve this. Maybe it could track to the nearest vertic or somthing (would this work B3D00?) or maybe we could set it to track to it’s own shadows since the shadow already aligns with sloaps. I still need a scripter!!

I helped you on that project !


If you need anything check out

Yeah you did killer and it was much help! =) Sorry for not giving you credit =(

It’s all good =D

I almost finish the “sloaping system”. It’s SLOPE by the way.
I think it may work with DLoc. If it’s too unrealistic for you I can make a script that uses DLoc realistically.

Pick apart the scateboarding demo file in preview8 of Erwin’s Bullet test builds…
If you can do better than that, hats off! This was one of the original BGE demos when Blender 2.0 first came out with its GameEngine. You’ll also might find some stuff in the original files. Shouldn’t be too hard to find them…

Here it is…
Just need one more thing. It should ONLY align by X axis. Z should stay the same.


slope.blend (136 KB)

the dawich, how far are you in the developpement ? Want to see something ( I’m at work so I can’t try b3doo blend)

As I said earlier I am grounded from my computer at the moment… I hope to get it back soon then I will finish the skater model and make some ollie animations and suff. Sorry for the wait! (=

Good news, I get my computer back tomarrow!! I will probably post some screenies of the skater model on Saturday. I even got a skatboard graphic! It’s the mystery dollar graphic. Check it out. I really hope this project dosn’t fail!

awesome! looks good.

I updated the first post with a screenshot! Check it out.

Nice skater! give him some black skate shoes with colored shoe lases and that’d be awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

nice skater but maybe you should do it with a t shirt ! don’t get too detail since the animation will be the hardest part ! save some stamina! Anyway good beginning

Uhg!!! I cant model good heads! and even if i do make a decent head where can i get realistic textures?