skateboarding game.

so i’ve been working on a skateboarding game, and every now and then i will post a question on here. so instead of making a new topic every time i run into a new problem i decided to just ask all my questions for this project in this post.

if i post a question and then solve it i’ll edit the post and say

“figured this problem out.”

so i’m doing pretty good so far, the movement is working how i want it to, so now i’m trying to input animations. however instead of doing game logic to play different animations, i need a bit more controll on when to do the animations. so i’m using python to play animations. however it seems to ignor the blending option when using python. any help would be appreciated.

just so you know i’m using only one action actuator and just changing the action inside it, is it still possible to blend it doing it that way?