skatepark (update)

I was looking at bigfoot’s halfpipe and suddenly had the urge to model a skatepark myself, but eventually end up with a crowded scene rather than the ‘abandoned’ look s/he is aiming for. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration :smiley:

Here’s my first shot, I’m not really sure if it will be inside or out, so I haven’t really sorted out my lighting yet.
So far I only have a halfpipe, two ramps and a funbox/rail modelled. Does anyone know where I could find a layout of a skatepark (please no links to

EDIT: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here’s a textured version.
C&C welcome

Aw, come on people, please can I get some C&C?

Very nice textures, but the cement is WAY off, use a better image texture…and a bump map of gravel or something

Oops, I haven’t actually textured yet, only done materials. Last time I went to a skatepark (quite a while ago) they had this semi reflective floor. Might do cement if I decide to have the scene outside…
What’s a bump map anyway? (sorry, I’m still kinda new to 3d)

You should have used google. Here’s a pretty good image of a skatepark (found it with google)

A bumpmap is a greyscale image used to create texture in 2d and 3d graphic creation programs. White areas appear raised over darker areas.

for gravel you’d get a picture of some actual gravel, or make some of your own. turn the pic into black and white. probably up the contrast a little between white and black, then use Blender’s texture dialog to use it. When you set up textures there is a buttom that says bump. Click it on. I believe you can then adjust a slider to make it however bumpy you’d like it.

Can’t find bump :-?
Would Nor do the same thing?
And if I UV map the texture, would I still be able to apply to Nor? I can’t find any way to see textures on my objects unless I render or UV map them

Nor and bump is the same thing. I am pretty sure it’s still possible to apply bump on a UV-mapped object.

It is possible to see textures in 3D window but I don’t know how. When you UV-map go to UV->Live LSCM transform to see the textures.

You can see procedural textures in the 3d window? I’ll ask in Blender general. Anyway, here’s an update. I’m just working on modelling and layout for now, I’ll polish the textures later
Is this correct bump mapping?

You can see that you have repeated the texture so try to make it more tileable.

I can’t see any bump.

I didn’t make the texture myself and don’t really know how to. I’ll google for a better one.
I am using bump, but whenever I turn on colour you can’t see the bumps. Any way to get around this?
Thanks in advance and the usual C&C welcome remark

To see the bump and color use the same texture twice. Example: Do one called Bump and turn off the color and turn on the Nor. Do another one called color and leave color on.

Here is a tut for seamless texture. I thought I already gave that to you but maybe that was someone else.

So I can’t just put them both on the one texture?

You can use same texture but one has to be black and white and the other color and use different texture channels.

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You can use same texture but one has to be black and white and the other color and use different texture channels.

Gravel is usually black and white anyway

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BTW, any more crit on the models, ideas or layout/ what I need in there etc are extremely welcome