Skater Boy

Front view:

Back view:


I’m going to critique the image overall since you haven’t specified what you want feedback on.

The first thing that strikes me about it is the big graffiti, it looks very cool and realistic. Second I look at the figure. (if you want that order to be different, you have to change the composition to focus on the figure)
The figure is in a style that is lower on detail than the environment. I think therefore there is a discrepancy between the high detail environment and the low detail character.

I would either try to go more realistic on the character, or replace the environment with perhaps some lower poly items to match the character. like grass details and smooth shaded tidbits (maybe like rocks, bin, city type planters , asphalt edge, cobblestone parts etc) all in the same level of detail, shading and material style. That would give this image more cohesion.

If you wanted feedback on the character specifically, I would instead upload multiple angles of the character and make sure to ask specific questions about if there is something you wonder about.

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thank u so much, i appreciate your time sir !