yeah…well its almost that time of year(for me)…SKATEBOARDING!!
and i was wondering how many skaters are here and the best trick they can do…i dont mean for this thread to hurt feelings( if it does)…so like no say…wow you suck…

but my best trick right now is kickflip…but i can almost double…like i can get my front foot on…i almost double kickfliped sexchange…but i didnt land it.

iv also been skating for almost 2 years…

I can ride skateboard just barely …

I took up skateboarding a year ago and gave it up 2 months after.
The best i could do was a pop shuvit.

That’s one better than me dude.

olie casper flip… (half kickflip, catch board, bring it around.) like a guided hardflip.

raises hand

You can find me on the Rodney Mullen fan boards every day… Been skating for five or six years now? (That’s trick skating… I’ve always been able to ride a skateboard)

Some advice on double flips that helped my a couple years back: Instead of kicking it HARDER, try kicking it FASTER… Sounds simple and logical, but most people forget about that. You just need to figure out how to make the deck spin faster, and that doesn’t always involve more strength.

@ d_structorr: Do you feel casper flips are easier than hospital flips? That’s something I’m really interested in, because I still don’t know what’s seen as easier. I personally think hospitals are way easier, seeing as it’s almost a late-shuv but with the deck flipped.

uhh been skatin about 4 years now? im not really ganna rank my tricks but i can-
tre flip (lost my varials on um… lol), kickflip, shuv it, nollie shuv, frontside flip, fakie flip, fakie 360 shuv, nollie 360 shuv, bigspin, bigflip (sometimes), sexchange, i used to have nollie flips but i lost um over the winter, half cabs, full cabs, krooks, smiths, 50 50s, 5-0s, willies, i tried caspers but they made my toe bleed so their of the devil… o and heelflips… how can i forget heelflips… lol

Oh right, forgot to tell my best tricks…

For freestyling that would still be a godzilla railflip… They aren’t hard to do, but look soo sweet.

For SKATE (using the official rules from És) it would be varial double flip cross-foot… Optionally with a body varial in it :slight_smile: Few people can land it, so it’s quite effective. Of course a classic flip works too on noobies and street/vert skaters… That’s even funnier!

meh. godzilla railflips i can live without… stationary and in my oppinion r boring. but wutever floats ur boat link :slight_smile:


Some skaters like vert, others like street, others like tech… We’re all a bit different in what style we like, and I’m just some ‘old-skool’ skater that likes freestyle and tornado-spin contests :slight_smile:
Others like gap-contests and jumping stairways.

And I don’t mind if people don’t like my style, although some guys at the local skate parks are kinda lame when it comes to anything other than street… They’re instantly booing and shouting at you. :no:

haha yeah i know what u mean. im not tryin to flame u by any means btw! hopefully it didnt soudn like it. i mean i cant do godzilla railflips for my life but they jus dont look like much fun for me. but liek you said. every1 likes diff stuff XD

I’d love to learn how to ride just to tool around without doing any tricks at all. maybe just enough to ollie up a curb or something. My brother used to do it a ton until one of his buddies put his shin bone through his skin. I don’t think I’d ride much after I saw that either. He was pretty good tho, used to do it all day, every day when he was in highschool. I dunno if he still does it much, but I know he’s got a couple boards still.

My best trick is probably something to do with nose manuals. But if it’s not a combo thing, 360flip, nollie/switch kick flip, switch varial flip, some weak nollie 360’s (really bad).

advice for kick flips. don’t kick… slide and flick (flick optional, but generates power!!!)

but… it’s been a while since the last session., I like to just cruise around and do ollies anyways.

all this talk siked me up for a skate sesh! jus landed frontside flip over a ledge in my neighborhood. maybe 4 feet tall? well its about up to my nipples and im 5’ 6’’… so yeah im happy :smiley:

OMG i jus had a great idea! with a mix of sk8n and the idea of the noob game projects… we should make a sk8 vid of the people here in the forums! seems liek enough of u skate. its not like were ganna do much wit it. jus for fun. idk tell me what u gusy thinl :slight_smile:

i can flip it…ill try a normal kick flip and ill end up doing a double…(just the rotation)
but my friend luke…He is really good he can ollie on a table and 180 into a kicker…he told me that im to focused on my pop…and i agree with him…

but what is a godzilla railflip? is that like…start in premo(well not start) and like do a flip out…cuz i can do those…they are fun and easy =)…

like send in pictures of us? and animated it?? or like make vids…post the links here and make one!!! cuz that would be the best!.

message me later

Back in my youthful years 13 - 17, I used to skateboard and ride BMX. I sucked at skating. I could never ollie, I always had to pop shuv it (backside that is). Everytime I wanted to jump something I had to do that haha. BMX is so much easier! We used to build dirt jumps everywhere. We even built a 5 ft. mini ramp, it was awesome!

i used to skate… the best thing I did was olly over a 4 set of stairs lol not that great

BMX has its advantages…like one thing i like about it is that you can ride all year. but like you cant bail like you can with a skateboard…but half the time id rather take the fall then not…unless its like down a stair set.
but i like skating better cuz if you get mad you can just throw it…(i almost hit a car that was driving by) and skateboards are really cheap compaired to BMX…but yeah.BMX has way more hard tricks…like tailwhips, and backflips…

I haven’t skated in a couple of years but my best trick was a varial kickflip

I mostly did street cause although I liked vert it got too scary.