Skating game question

if i were to make a skating game, how would i make my character change angle when he goes up a ramp, because he doesn’t do that automaticly, help please!! :wink:

  • Alee

Well it is possible. Add a material not for just stop actors jumping around while playing, but you can play with some values to add the function to move on slopes like real cars should do. If you add the material, you’ll see some button on the right of the preview of the material. The top button is already selected, and now select the lower to make this option availible. Now play around with the jump forces, and another slides. I’ll post a screen with values if nobody do it, because right now I’m at my work. :slight_smile:

didn’t work, he still is the same angle when he goes up a hill…

I think what you’re looking for is the “Rot Fh” button in the realtime buttons while having your dynamic actor selected. That will make your actor tilt when changing angles on a floor ramp or decline.

Have you played the skategirl game that you can download from

thanks hush, that worked, but i had to use those material tricks too. and Shbaz, no i havn’t played that game