Skating Video

Heres a little skating line I did. It’s not that great but I thought I would just throw it out there.

Maybe not the most difficult tricks, but your technique is perfect. In any case, you did it better than our dutch prime minister.

seeing as youtube, google and yahoo are all broken at the moment I can’t comment.

But I can speculate as wildly as I like. I’m going to guess that you have the rhythm of Harold Hunter, the pop of Danny Way, the foot maths of PJ Ladd and the pure technique of a young Tom Penny.

…unless it’s just you doing a series of kebab flips, followed by a shaky varial flip and the lowest 360 shuivt ever.

Oh no, actually, that was my last line :facepalm: Excited to see what you come up with!

omg. I actually predicted what you did before I saw it. I am skating’s mystic meg!

Seriously though. I’m afraid to say that what you have is not a line, in the technical sense of the word. Looks like you’re playing SKATE against yourself!