Skeleton Bone Avatars?

I understand basic rigging. I can make an armature and weight it.

But now I’ve seen something new on objects from Makehuman or Mancandy. They seem to be little avatars for controlling parts of the skeleton.

Looking at the Mancandy file in object mode, I can see the a shape of a wire in the form of a hand, as part of the candy skeleton. But if I go into edit mode, I just see the armature and no wire hand. If I go into pose mode, I can rotate the wire hand, but it doesn’t seem to affect the armature or the body.

Other shapes like the loop around the head, or cones in the middle of the torso do affect the the shape.

When I’ve used Makehuman, they seem to have similar but different shapes.

What are these shapes called? How are they made? How are they used? How are they accessed?

Is there a tutorial about this?

Thanks for your help.

Bone Custom Shapes. Just select an object you have in your scene



That’s the information I need. I can see that I’m going to be spending a few hours getting to know Tim.