Skeleton General rerender

just thought i should remake me Skeleton, and uhm is it against the rules to submit an artwort to suzane award thats edited from Photoshop? oh and :< METALLICA :< RULES!!!

C&C welcome

I love this pic but have a few gripes:

You need to work on the bone texture on the ribcage, it looks a bit odd and could probably use a bit more detail, the texture on the cape looks a bit stretched & his armor looks a tiny bit too smooth.

Other than that, I love the pic.

That’s awesome! But yeah, fix the textures, and make the armor look a bit more battle-scarred.

Rolando man, that’s an awesome model you got there!
Nice textures on the background wall and also on the swords.
I reckon your armour could do with being a little more shiney.
Fantastic job overall though.

i think suzanne awards require it to be pure(no post pro except for titling.

Great modelling. Textures need work, I think mostly on the swords. They look like they have a very similar material to the walls. aLSO needs more dynamic looking lighting, shadows… or something.