Skeleton/ Rigging / Armor Weight / Weight Painting for Armor Mod in game

(Apex ) #1

I am looking for someone to commission for a game I play that has mods. More specifically Monster Hunter World. If interested please contact me via email and we can talk and negotiate everything.
This job has no deadline and no rush
Email - [email protected]

Thank you!

(yennamsandeep51) #2

My name is Sandeep.

I can make you happy with my work.

Here’s the link to my portfolio:

Please get in touch with me to discuss further.
Yennam Sandeep.
[email protected]

(islara1) #3

i want an answer your model is done professionally as we agreed in time even the elbow and related pieces have a controller, what happened?

??or it is an other trick on my money??