Skeleton tattooed hands & pumping heart made from film tape. Logo 3D Animation

Recent logo 3d animation work we done in Blender 3D. Idea was to animate tattooed skeleton hands with logo words tattooed on the fingers so client sent us photo of his hands to show us idea and the words tattooed on his hands.

This project was done in Blender 2.78 but it is rendered in 2.80 development build with just 50 samples and de-noiser turned on. Amazing new thing. Cant wait for 2.80 official release.

Postproduction was done in AE and some fine color correction in DaVinci Resolve 12 just for fun.

Original photo sent by a client:

Checkout final video with additional project files at


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Okay I like how you have made this concept almost realistic, I have tried from 99 Designs, 3D logo animation services, Trailerbrand are those sort of companies that I have tried, they all are phenomenal thou.