Skeleton Trick

Hey all.

Darthsirrah and I have modeled a skeleton in Blender, rigged it fairly well, and now we’ve made a quick animation test to try out the rig. It’s just something short, but it still needs a lot of work, so I thought I’d post it here and get some critique on how to improve it.

We plan on making a few other animations with this guy, but for now, here’s his little trick he’d like to show you:

Skeleton Animation

This isn’t a render, just a quick animation to watch the movement, so ignore the lighting and materials for now. I’m mostly interested in the animation at the moment.

Hope you like it so far.
Look forward to some feedback.

P.S Here’s a couple of poses of him just for fun.

Very cool. Much more than your humble introduction led me to expect.

Thanks goosey.

I noticed that the arms were a little stiff and jerky before, so I’ve gone through and tried to make it flow a bit better. It may still be a bit stiff though.

> Animation2 <

What do you guys think?

i really like it. nice model and great animating,

Thanks for that blackhawk.

Ok, I’ve completely removed all the clicking in the elbows and just made the general movement more fluid. It’s hard making a skeleton appear to move smoothly though, because there’s no muscles flexing, just bones that can only rotate and move, not change shape. I do however have facial controls on this rig, as we’re not going for a realistic skeleton.

If you guys don’t have any critiques, I’ll have one more good scan through it to spot improvements, and then post it in the Finished Projects.


Any crits welcome though!

Hmm, reminds me a little bit of the video for which I got nominated on Suzanne awards this year!!! Hope this is your original idea.


what was a pain was to make a good spine for me. do u use IK or spline?

Its great!,

Its a minor Crit, but the first thing that comes to mind…
And that is when he/it bows the hand motion doesn’t seem pronounced enough… but thats just my opinion…

Its great, and I hope to see more of this guy :wink:


Ok, I rendered it out, which took about 6 hours I think. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out, but noticed that as the head rolls down his left arm it doesn’t actually make contact, so I’m going to fix that up now.

I’d like to hear what you guys think of the lighting and background though, as I’ll probably post the next render in the Finished Projects

> Animation4 <