sketch and skin shader, link to download -with texture now

this is my sketch shader

download here

where you can find my skin shader too


if you will make images with these shader I would like to see it.
publish it here please

great looking stuff. I’m off to download :smiley:

It seems you’ve forgotten to pack in the textures of your sketch materials. But those skins look pretty good.


Hey man thanks, i just made a texture for my WIP i’ll compare :smiley: (joking)

What did you use to make these? Can you let me know?

I cant wait to try this texture out with my Subsrf Scattering Script.

Check my sig for my WIP and look at the textures.

sorry for the confusion
the [packdata] increased the dimension of the file enormously
I have attached the texture in the zip

download now and inform me

Thanks for sharing your work… I have been playing around with them for the last few hours. You managed to get the ramp shaders to do some things I experimented with a few months back, but I couldn’t get it to work as well. Now that I’ve seen your work, I understand what I was doing wrong :smiley:

x sprinkles
two texture, one procedural ( voronoi) and one
only seamless work on photo

x akator
I’m glad :slight_smile:



and with color texture ( need preproduction)

did a quick test of with your Maya skin shader. Thank you Gillan. Haven’t finished modelling yet but your shadders are a great point of reference for whenever I start to tackle texturing :slight_smile:

try classic, in ambient light, better result

thanks for the feedback. Here it is with your classic shader and a bit more ambient;

ops! I liked first, with maya,
is it true?

Yeah the first one is the Maya Shader. I like the second one although I checked it on another monitor and it appears a lot brighter. My monitor is a bit too dull here at work. not helpful for this experimenting :slight_smile:

I’m creating this head primarily to learn some modelling techniques and it will be nice to complete it with some textures. Your shaders are giving me a great head start on that front! I’ll look forward to finding out more about the shader you’re using for human hair too :wink:

Try that with some ambient occlusion, I think that would look really nice.