Sketch-based subdivision modeling

Surfing the web i found this small research application for modeling base on sketching really cool experiment and share what you make whit the app…:yes:
Autor home page:

here you can download the 3d sketch app and some tutorial on how it work really easy:

this is a very interesting concept - I only know Catia having a sketch modeling approach but not on this per face level.

yes this is amazing have you test the application is really fast and fun to play whit, there is another project for 3d sketching ilove sketch

It would be cool if it could export the curves (like Rhonda’s dxf) and or meshes.

yes i found ronda difficult to work whit and the line need some smoothing or relax algorithm for the stroke

I love this application

Hey eveyone.

This looks rather neat. It reminds me of a combination of 3ds max’s spline modelling/surface modifer crossed with blenders b-surfaces which, is kinda cool. The thing is, sketching is great an all, but personally I’d want precise control over the curves, so bezier handles. Can this app do that? (I can’t try it out right now).

An Aside:
I’ve been whining on about it for a while now, but I love to see something similar natively in blender but with curves. I.e. create a spline cage with bezier curves, welding the corner points to create quads. Then loop through the cage to find each closed quad, and create a nurbs surface (to allow re-parameterisation) within each, once happy convert to poly/sub-d. I’d love to code it myself, but that’s beyond my skill level.

this method is more precise than bezier handles you only need to select the curve you want to modified and re-sketch whit the modifier curve tool is like drawing on paper this is fantastic…:smiley:

Hey guys, thanks for showing interest.

Hit ‘s’ anytime to export your mesh into an .obj file. It won’t ask you where to save it, but it will create a file named ‘exported.obj’ in the same folder as the executable.

I’m also looking into exporting the parametric curves into iges or a similar format. What would be your file format of choice?


so far it is an amazing program, even if I wasn´t able to draw right out of the box a line without symmetry (maybe my fault i wasn´t reading the instructions a lot:o) - it was cumbersome to delete the one side and modify the curve to get one long line.

the format obj is fine for me, one thing; the vertices are not connected and the faces are triangulated.
those issues are from a user point fixable but it would be great if those issues could be solved during the export itself. :wink:

when a retopo is made, it would be great if the “Extend Edge” and “Modify curve” could have an option to follow the surface like the Draw on surface but that is more like a feature wish.

Isn’t there a way of sorta doing this in blender already, using the grease pencil and then the loop tools add on… I think?:confused: Let me know. it would be very interesting to see native to blender.

sometime is difficult to align a curve to the center here are some suggestion:

  • sometime is difficult to see where to sketch a stroke can you add option to generate surface color groups like this image will be better for visual feedback…

  • add some preview highlight wen over an stroke or intersection this will help for better precision

  • the trim tool dint trim intersected line only en point line - add option for this

  • add option to erase part of a line not delete all
    some idea for you to make the application better

and thanks for share this really fun application i’m testing a lot to give you some feedback i don’t think this is the correct place for this…

  • if i have a model and i want to design over this model without mixing it is possible
  • stroke color will be great to

would be amazing to have this in blender, i’m going to see it is possible to do this whit looptools, Bsurface and other addons let see i’m testing

I’m sure entirely sure if you can approximate the workflow in the mentioned application using the current addons using the Grease Pencil tool, but someone could theoretically use that to code a full suite of sketch-based modeling tools which would reduce the need to use this kind of app.

The app. shown here looks like a really cool way to create models regardless, but it would be even better to be able to do all that without leaving Blender.

what i like whit this method is you don’t need two reference image only one 3/4 perspective image and go…
this app need option for reference image plane

wow the exporter work well a bunch of triangle but i get rid of whit convert tris to quad, geometry is too dense

Thanks fot the tip!

Cool idea and a nice, little app, but quite hard to use. Switching the tools is annoying, it would be so much better if i could just hold shift and draw to trim and draw - hit E to extrude. But overall its quite cool, thx for sharing.