Sketch look hunt


I’ve always loved to see sketched art, and lately I was wondering how to get such a look using only blender with procedural textures, and here’s my latest attempt, an I was wondering what kind of advice you guys could give me.

Thanks in advance.

I like! One thing bothers me, though. Are the left buildings so rounded, that they don’t show corners like the right ones?

Well, yeah, I guess I made them too round, actually I was experimenting with two different types of buildings and it seems that I forgot to mark those edges I will try to fix that soon, Thanks!

I like the tubular world. I like that… is it meant to look more old-fashioned on the left and more modern in the right?

Yes, it is meant that way :).
here’s an update with better edges (hopefully):

Looking pretty good. I would add a clouds texture to the background to make it look more like parchment.