Sketch Render

Anybody know if Blender can approximate a sketch render like this one from Cinema 4D? (If yes… please provide details :wink: )


the lighting can be done fine

the lines cannot

[also, that doesn’t look much like a sketch to me]

The material you could do with a toon shader and I reckon you could probably do the sketch effect in a 2D editor like GIMP using an art plugin or script.


yes you are right. it looks already too much cg.

by markers and a blue ballpen and do it by hand. that always looks a lot better!!!

i always sketch by hand when i need a sketch.

Do you know “Verne Illustration Shader” by Union S8? It is not the maxon thing, but still very cool. The blend file link is on

i recently had a thread about this and what everything boills down to, is that you cannot do sketck renders

well, i spose a toon shader and a texture that looks like its been drawn might do it…who knows ?