sketch shader

these is any shader that I have formulated for get a sketch rendering

here an example of thing could be gotten
I want to share them.
where could I put the materials?

Is this a shader? you have worked on, or something you would like to see? Sorry, I didn’t understand the post.


A little puzzled myself.

but by the looks of it, a shader he has written, and a cool looking one too :smiley:

and the best way would be to post on the bf-commit list (i think).

nice one, is this done in the blender materials, or is it an actual change in code???

if you dont have any web space, you can email it to me and ill upload it to my space so everyone can use it.

email me a levonh( at )gmail( dot )com

just replace the at with @ and etc.

Excellent stuff Gillan. You could try hosting them at in their Resources section or with Kent Mein (Sirdude) at


These shaders are great.:smiley:

I’d like to know how you made them also.

The zip o tone style (second row all the way to the right.)is something I’ve seen in other apps and wish for in Blender.

Fantastic job.

i have posted a link to download in " blender General" enjoy.