Wow you are indeed correct. I deleted that sketchstyle scene saved startup file and now all seems good.
Thank you.

The new update is posted-- it fixes the problem.

Thanks chipp. BTW for some reason when I use your addon in a big scene sketchstyle-freestyle renders so much faster than freestyle alone. It must be your settings.
Great work on this addon I will use this a lot.

Hmmm. That’s interesting. I don’t think it should be that way as SKETCH STYLE uses Freestyle when it renders.

Hi chippwalters.
I made an interest in this add-on yesterday or yesterday.
An add-on that allows you to enjoy SKETCH STYLE easily with one click. Very nice!

However, I don’t know if it was my misunderstanding, but I came here to report because I had a little strange experience today.

At present, this add-on sometimes “maintains” SKETCH STYLE material when the scene is “reverted” to “only one object with multiple materials”.

Fortunately, I didn’t save because I noticed an abnormality in the production.
I can’t reproduce it at the moment, but I’ll write it as soon as I have the information.

I haven’t seen that. If you find a recipe, please report it through


Hi Chipp, I’m really interested in Sketch Style for some line drawing work I’m doing, but my main concern is related to Freestyle since it’s currently unable to draw lines between intersecting meshes. Does Sketch Style also inherit these same limitations, and if so is there a way around them? A lot of the meshes I’m dealing with have intersecting parts or elements that are intersecting, thus I’m not getting any lines wherever the intersections occur in Freestyle. If Sketch Style doesn’t, do you know of a solution that might? I’ve been reading that LANPR addresses this issue but I haven’t seen any recent builds since mid last year for the Mac. If your solution addresses this than it would be perfect for my needs, thanks!

Hi Mike,

SKETCH STYLE uses Freestyle for line drawing. It has a number of other benefits, including the ability to designate something NOT to be rendered in SKETCH STYLE (windows, photoreal features, etc…), as well a very quick to setup, toggle back and forth between realism and Freestyle, and saving Freestyle presets.

You could try using the Boolean Union modifier to create your intersecting object lines. I’m not sure what the story on LANPR is-- I know they’ve been trying to get as part of Blender, but so far I haven’t heard anything either.

Best of luck!

Thanks Chipp, I’ll investigate ways to get around my issue and circle back to Sketch Style when I have a plan to address it. Appreciate your follow-up.

Isn’t there any way for AO/dirt to be used to resolve where objects intersect and draw a thin line along the center of where ao shadow or dirt would be?.. Just a thot…

Chipp what versions of blender does sketchstyle work with and is there a render similar to clay style in 3ds max? I have not installed it since I bought it. Hope to do so soon, once I figure out what versions it works with. Thanks

It should work with every version past 2.8. you can render with just an AO shader. If you colorize the AO material it can look like clay.

Do you have a picture and a file you want to try?

Chipp I did what you said and it worked fine. Thanks for your quick reply.

Hi, Chipp

I’m looking for a way to outline models while retaining the original material. Can you do this with Sketch Style?


Yes you can. That is the purpose of the override function.

Hello Chipp,
Can Sketch Style identify and draw the intersection line between intersecting objects?
(This is something that Freestyle cannot do. Example: “sink” a cube partially inside another cube and Freestyle cannot identify their intersection, for the the line to exist you must place the second cube on the surface of the other)

No it cannot as it uses freestyle to do the rendering. You can use boolean unions to help define those intersections.

… since it does use Freestyle maybe you know of this problem ? Does it happen with Sketch Style too? Or is it wrong usage on my part rather than a Freestyle error?

I said previously SKETCH STYLE does not render intersections, but perhaps you meant SketchUp? Intersections don’t show there either.

It’s not a freestyle error as there’s no edge to render there. As I said, if you Boolean union the two intersecting objects, you will have a line for SKETCH STYLE and Freestyle to render.

Chipp, you never replied to my Jan 15 post where I asked if you can use ao/dirt data somehow in background to resolve intersections…

Welder is able to place welds along intersections…