Sketch To Render Timelapse

I’ve spent the last couple of days getting more familiar with the Cycles renderer and a couple of the other new improvements that came to Blender of late. In this time lapse I am modellng a space pirate type character that I built starting with a concept sketch. I plan to keep adding until it’s considered awe inspiring by the community.

Part 1:

Part 2:


wow, just watched both your time lapses (not every second of each, but enough)

and im amazed, I have never in my life seen anybody model hands so confidently, well im awe inspired ;D

Very cool! I’m curious, do you have the rotating model in the second view for the time-lapse purpose (to show it off as you made it) or do you use it yourself for modelling? Either way, neat idea!

I second his question lol

Here are some more WIPs showing the space pirate at the current stage of completion.

Well basically its for timelapse purposes. Its from another tutorial about making an animated timelapse.

I didnt want to do all the compositing because it would take eternity but I liked the whole camera rotating with a linear IPO looping.

Part 3

Part 4

More updates and timelapses to come on this eternal project.


awesome sword, do you work in concept design or something?

Guess what!?
Part 6.

Part 7.

I will finish this before the 6th. Stay tuned for materials rendering and compositing. Modelling is almost complete.

Part 8
Progressing. I had blender crash upon opening the file about 10 times. I ended up having to make a new file and import each piece part by part. I also tried switching over to the BMESH build but realized I should finish this where it was started which could also explain why it was corrupted.

And a WIP of it at this point.

this related to the mixamo contest?

not that one. But maybe I should enter it there too. This is my entry for another competition.

aw damn, I’m entering that one :stuck_out_tongue:

great work btw!

Blender Cranium: Youre the guy that made the small world huh? Very impressive. I remember that file haha. I used it to study your techniques for grass. Small forum huh?

haha Cool! You like the grass?

Veeeeery small forum/internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost there. Just gotta fine tune the rigging then do some texture painting. Not to mention massive UV unwrapping.